The Qualities of a Good Community School

06 Feb

A community school is a place where there is a partnership between the school and other community members or resources. A community school brings together health, academics, social services, youth and community development and all this leads to enhanced student learning, healthier communities and stronger families. There are different community schools, and if you are searching for one, then there are some qualities that you must look out for. You will need to consider the mission and vision of the community school. This information will help you to know which areas the community school focuses on. A good school will strive to create a supportive, safe and stable surrounding where students can learn.

The vision of the project based learning schools Colorado should be inspiring enough so that the students can develop a sense of purpose when it comes to academic excellence and cultivating other virtues. A good community school should also their guiding principles, and these are the ones that should form part of whole activities that the school engages in. For the success of students, then there should be combining principles of emotional-social learning with academic excellence. The school should also be in a position to celebrate the strengths of the students available and provide them with the necessary skills.

For instance, the learning module of the students should be that they gather in small groups together with an adult who will guide them. This leader is the one who is tasked with meeting the needs of the students, monitor the progress and also coach the students on different matters. The village leader is also the one who will double up as the main contact between the school at and the family. It is through the leader; the advisor will get to know the students that they work with and also their families. When students have a trusted adult in the building, they can then manage to feel safe and this translated into their family as well.

A good community school should also have a project-based learning system. This system includes the identification of character, human rights, power, race and privilege, sustainability and impact. The community school that you select needs to have a strong partnership with the community because that is what will support genuine learning opportunities. The students will interact with community members, and they will get to learn from experts who are in the field. They will thus be in a position to contribute to some of the ideas on real issues and problems. See this video at for more details about education.

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